nullRules and regulations of the BERGERIE DE BERDINE (Berdine Sheep Pen)


The “Bergerie de Berdine” (Berdine Sheep Pen) aims at hosting persons in high need, particularly persons addicted to alcohol and toxic products in the process of quitting (except couples), homeless persons, paperless…

Persons who do not wish to stop their substitution treatment (methadone, subutex, baclofen), those whose state of health requires a long term psychiatric treatment are not accepted.

One comes to Berdine on his own initiative following a personal move, by introducing her/himself alone, i.e. not accompanied by family nor social or medical action professionals. No prerequisite demand nor financial participation is necessary, however final admission of the resident is subject to the approval of the doctor attached to the structure who carries out a medical examination during the first days following the person’s arrival.

To be able to stay in Berdine and accept its rules and regulations, one needs to have an authentic desire to change her/his life style and be ready to make the necessary efforts to succeed. Berdine is not a post-cure centre but a permanently opened living place where the hosted person must progressively take charge of her/himself and evolve towards autonomy and rehabilitation.

The length of stay is not regulated and is suited to the persons’ needs and their integration to the structure.


Are forbidden in Berdine :

→ Toxic products: alcohol, drugs, including cannabis

→ Psychotropic treatments (anxiolytics, antidepressants, sleeping pills, neuroleptics) and substitution products

→ Physical and verbal violence, discriminations of any kind

Upon arrival, personal money, bank cards, papers, cell phones, computers, tablets are deposited at the office and will be returned at the time of departure.

All travels related to various administrative, social or medical needs being organised by the Association, individual trips in town and personal vehicles are not allowed, no more than internet purchases and receiving packages. The management of personal financial accounts is taken care of by the Association (including the “RSA” – minimal social benefit, credited on a specific account by agreement with the “Conseil Général” – the general council of the department). The balance of these accounts is transferred to the beneficiary at the moment of departure after deduction of personal purchases amounts. These are subject to the authorization of the supervisory team.

The criteria for rejecting a purchase are:

  • Overdraft on the beneficiaries account
  • Over consumption detrimental to health (tobacco, sweets…)
  • Abusive and inconsiderate purchases


Administrative, social and medical follow up

The first month in Berdine is a trial month, at the end of which the administrative procedures will be undertaken insofar as integration into community life is satisfactory. No steps will be taken before this term. Social and administrative supervision of the hosted persons is carried out by the President and three employed assistants. The Association sees to the update of each hosted person’s administrative situation (ID papers, residence permit, welfare coverage, retirement pensions, unemployment declarations, etc.). The Association is instructing service and referent “RSA” (minimal social benefit). For those wishing it, the “Bergerie de Berdine” offers the possibility to elaborate a professional project aiming at their rehabilitation. The medical follow up is ensured by the doctor attached to the facility.

Regulated leavess

Any person willing to put things in perspective and make a test on her/himself may leave Berdine after 6 months for one week. If the person leaves before 6 months, she/he may not return before 3 months.

Papers and personal money are returned at each departure and deposited at the office upon return. Keeping personal money upon return from vacation is a violation subject to sanction. The same applies to the aforementioned forbidden equipment.

Regarding the rhythm of leaves, refer to table in the welcome booklet. Any exceptional situation is taken into consideration.

It is possible to spend one’s “vacation” in Berdine, the count then being the same. In such case, attendance to the meetings is not mandatory but the obligation to remain on the Berdine site remains, except in exceptional cases of visits (family, children, etc).

The communitarian proceedings during bank holidays is the same as on Sundays.

Visits and outings

Residents have the right to receive family or friends in Berdine after two months of presence. For this, they must inform the community during the Wednesday evening meeting (number of persons expected and if going out with these persons).


Residents have the right to make two phone calls per month from the office. They can send and receive mail. Mail reception is subject to control. A computer room is at disposal following terms defined in the welcome booklet.


Participation to the communitarian life

Everyone commits to take responsibility, at least once a year, for the coordination of the fair communitarian life, shared with 5 other residents. One of these persons at least must be resident for over 2 years.

Attendance at the meals is mandatory; it is so also for communitarian meetings at the chapel (every day except Saturday morning and Sunday morning). Are only excused those who are working during these hours.

Everyone is bound to respect common premises and maintain her/his room in a state of cleanliness. An inventory of fixtures upon arrival and departure is performed. The coordinators are in charge of visiting the rooms regularly. At the time of final departure, documents and money can only be returned after controlling the good condition of the room.

On Saturday mornings take place communitarian works during which residents work together on some activity (environmental maintenance, greens harvest, small construction works…)

Participation to the activities

The participation, unpaid, to the various economic and domestic activities, according to each one’s abilities and skills, is mandatory. It represents the counterpart for the gratuity of hosting (housing, food, services).

The resident commits to respecting working hours corresponding to the activity she/he engages in. She/he must inform the person responsible for the activity in case of absence.

Rules of living in community

In compliance with law, it is forbidden to smoke in common premises. The butts must be disposed of in the ashtrays at disposal in the hamlet.

For hygiene reasons, it is forbidden to bring and consume food in the rooms. Body and clothing hygiene is indispensable. A launderette is available.

Berdine presents itself as a civic association, respectful of its environment, who aims at an ecological management of energy and the elimination of trash. The moderation of water and energy consumption and selective waste sorting are indispensable, as is fighting waste.

Berdine is a place where one is supposed to look for silence and quietness, it is asked to respect other residents by not putting music too loud in the rooms, common premises and construction sites. Residents must have a respectful and tolerant behaviour. Discriminations are not tolerated.

For reasons of hygiene and the comfort of everyone, introducing a pet in Berdine is prohibited.


Any violation to the rules and regulations is subject to sanctions decided during a communitarian meeting in consultation with the residents (either the whole community or persons residing for over one or two years depending on the gravity of the violation). They are in order of:

  • A warning
  • The communitarian sanction (accomplished within the community)
  • The interdiction to take a vacation leave for a year
  • Temporary (3 months minimum) or final exclusion

The six coordinators of the fair communitarian life may proceed, after consultation within their group, to a breathalyser or urine test on any person and at any time if they deem it necessary.

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